Self Isolation and Food Preparation During Covid-19

Covid-19, Self Isolation and Food Preparation During Covid-19, just nicole
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Covid-19, Self Isolation and Food Preparation During Covid-19, just nicole

Self Isolation and food preparation during Covid-19, is going to be essential in the coming weeks and months.

As the UK finally starts to catch up to many other countries Covid-19 measures. I think it would be disrespectful to my readers to carry on regardless and pretend that it hasn’t happened.

Especially since food and panic about food is at it’s highest since war times.

From my blog I think it’s pretty clear that I have been cooking from scratch for a fairly long time now. And I have started offering my help over many social media avenues, Because at the moment that is all I can do.

I am posting on beginner cooking groups, asking do you need help?

Because for all the cooking guides there are in the world, sometimes you just need a real person to answer those questions, to tell you that you can do it, and to be there if it all looks like it is going wrong.

What Impact Covid-19 has on food.

Since I am a member of many many cooking groups from all over the world, I know that people are struggling to get staple foods.

In my city 1000s of bags of flour have been bought, all the legumes and grains are gone. Tinned food on the shelves is at an all-time low and toilet paper is like gold dust.

While I do NOT agree with panic buying, and I haven’t done it myself.

It is obvious that a lot have people have already done it. What is done, is done.

Now I am faced with two choices….

Judge those who have done it, or make sure they know how to use it, now that they have it.

I choose the latter

Panic buying and it impacts on the community. How you can help

So for the foreseeable, I am going to be focusing heavily on staple based foods. Preparation and long term storage of meals.

How you can help the members of your family that are in self-isolation, either through precaution or illness.

I will also be extending my offer of help and guidance throughout my social media. And the one thing I ask is that you pay it forward where ever you can.

Share tips, offer help as and where you can.

For those who are vulnerable, consider doing shop runs for them. If you have excess food that might go to waste rather than throw it out or leave it unused donate it.

If you are part of a vulnerable group, but also caring for a household, prepare meals in advance and have them in the freezer ready.

Such as chilli and rice

what to do with leftovers

Helping your own family

I have had pneumonia twice in my lifetime, once was brought on by swine flu when I was pregnant with my youngest.

I know there is a chance I may end up quite poorly for quite a while. Even that chance is slim. For me, it’s important that if that happens I have food ready for my family on the days I can’t cook.

Or the days that I simply need a break from cooking (it’s rare, but it does happen).

Bakers During Covid-19

I know seasoned bakers cannot get yeast or flour.

So I will be offering alternative recipes and ways to make your own flours at home if you are really in a pinch.

Food Storage

How to make those vegetables last without them going bad a few days after you’ve bought them.

I have always said cooking comes down to confidence and taking a chance on something new.

Covid-19 doesn’t change that.

As always,

Much love

Covid-19, Self Isolation and Food Preparation During Covid-19, just nicole
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