Hi, I’m Nicole! I love food!

I am a Liverpool, UK based food blogger who also loves to travel, and when you mix food and travel together I am in my element!

I am happily married with two children (and three dogs… Crazy ones)

Naturally with so many mouths to feed you’d expect some minor differences in what they enjoy, my family though, nope. All of them are hugely different in every way you could imagine.

so Lets break it down (grab a cup of coffee, this might take a while)

My family and Food

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The Husband- Avid gym goer, currently on a clean bulk (huge calories, working within set macros) Weakness huge sweet tooth, he is also a tipsy nibbler. Here you will find the not so cheat treats, protein packed snacks and bulk meal prep tips and tricks


My eldest. He is Severely disabled, luckily he has no food aversion at all, he does have strong preferences though. Spice, anything and everything. He loves big bold colourful food that packs a punch! He is the easiest member of the family to feed! This is where I can introduce new exciting dishes into our lives


Let’s just call him the antispice. He despises any form of outright heat in a dish. I can get away with ginger and cinnamon (most of the time). He loves hearty simple food. He is an absolute nibbler, constantly pinching nibbles all day everyday. Last week I caught him trying to smuggle an entire block of fondant into his room… For a snack *sigh. He keeps me on my toes, that’s for sure. Oh did i mention he’s allergic to pineapple (which is obviously Dylan’s favourite fruit, I am sure nobody warned me about this set of circumstances in the baby books)

Here you will find out how I alter my dishes to suit a busy diverse family. Hopefully if you are in a similar situation it will give you a helping hand!

Cooking is something I genuinely love to do, but as you can imagine my life is pretty hectic at the best of times. Me and my friends constantly talk about how hard it is to balance work, children, social and children’s timetables. Then when you add diet and lifesyle into the mix, nightmare.

I believe a recipe should work for you and your family. It’s a guideline for you to take and make it your own, If you love mushrooms, chuck them in. If you want more peppers, chuck them in. If a recipe calls for an ingredient you can’t stand, leave it out.


I am lucky enough to have travelled around quite a bit And I always stick to rustic authentic restaurants that the locals flock to. most of the time the tourists don’t know they exist. Furthermore, I always come home and adapt the dishes I’ve eaten to what is seasonal and fresh in the UK

I always prefer to cook from the basic raw ingredients and cut out the huge preservatives that are put in our food today. I was actually vegan (health based, not overly ethical) for a year. During that time vegan food wasn’t readily available as it is now, so I would constantly have to check ingredients lists. In the end I’d end up making the thing I wanted from scratch. Guess that habit stuck, because now I do it without thinking.

Good Food Works Wonders

food, Just Me + Food, just nicole

I grew up watching my nan cook hearty Irish meals on a serious budget. No fancy ingredients or equipment. Just food that filled you up and made you smile. My father moved to the UK from India. He gave me a love of spice and big flavours. He didn’t give me a gorgeous caramel complexion, he managed to pass on the uni brow though (thanks dad)

And me, well I am used to working on a budget, grabbing bargains where I can, finding tiny spice shops that hold treasures at a fraction of the price of the supermarkets. During most of my travels i’ve found the cuts of meat we take for granted can be the most amazing flavour, if cooked the right way.

Preparing in advance plays heavily in my family, so hopefully I can give you some tips and tricks ive picked up along the way.

A lot about cooking is confidence, once you know you can make pretty much anything you want to at home, fresh and healthy, You won’t look back

Much love

food, Just Me + Food, just nicole